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Virginia Montessori Teacher Education Center

2013 Scenic Parkway Chesapeake, VA 23323 (757) 547-0221

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The VMTEC Program

The Virginia Montessori Teacher Education Center (VMTEC) began operation in 2006. VMTEC is committed to the principals and philosophy of Maria Montessori. This training course provides the highest quality of preparation for the teacher who will serve the needs of the child. The course requires an exceptionally high level of intellectual application as well as a commitment to personal growth. The student is provided with an enriched opportunity to study the young child, apply methodology and observe and learn from experienced Montessorians.

Montessori education should be a process of exploration, observation and growth. New teachers acquire the skills to discover through observation and hands on Montessori experience. Students are encouraged to support one another and to find reassurance and support within the student community, the Montessori classroom and in the faculty.

Virginia Montessori Teacher Education Center is committed to passing on this methodology, not as a means but as a result of a basic understanding and respect for the young child. We are observant, vigilant and true to the principles which serve those needs.

VMTEC Early Childhood Course is designed to be completed in 14 months. The course of study is 6 weeks during the summer, 5 weekends during the year and two weeks the following summer.  A 540 hour Montessori internship at an approved Montessori school is required as well. 

Lectures, practice sessions and academic phase of the training will be held mainly at Chesapeake Montessori School.  Some sessions will be held at Ghent Montessori School. Students will visit other Montessori schools as part of the course.
VMTEC is MACTE accredited through 2021 for its early childhood program (ages 2½ - 6). VMTEC is also affiliated by the American Montessori Society and certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.